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Property Surveys

Know what you're buying


What is included in
a Home Experts survey?

You can expect to receive a report on:​ The current condition of the property.

A current list of the local authority building, energy, and habitation permits.

The development potential of the property and land.

With the facts comes freedom of choice.

Once you have all of the details about your potential new home

you can make a decision about whether to proceed with the purchase, or not.

What type of properties do we survey?

Residential properties (villas, houses, apartments, studios, etc.)

Business properties (offices, shops, studios, factories, etc.)

Installations (electricity, water, plumbing, solar, heating, pumps, pools, spa, appliances) Planning and zoning, other built structures on the premises.​


​Newly-built house?

We still recommend undertaking a survey prior to moving into your new home. Don’t rely on the constructors’ reports, get your own and enjoy peace of mind about your investment.


Why is it crucial to do a home inspection?

To know before you buy.​

Home Experts protects the buyer by carrying out professional assessments, ensuring a safe and successful purchase.

We ask questions that might surprise you:

There are factors in buying a home in the Balearics which you might never have had to consider before: does it have accessible clean water, does it have electricity, what about sewage and drainage? Did you know that even properties on main roads in the Balearics may not be attached to communal water and sewage, or have an appropriate electricity meter. 

We don’t ever assume that they do. 

Be prepared with the facts from a Home Experts Survey.


At the end of the day it's your responsibility to know what you are buying.

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