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Legal & Tax advice


Buying a property in Spain, legality and tax issues

Our legal team has more than 30 years of experience in real estate law and provides a wide range of specialized legal services.
They can assist you in your own language, English, German, Spanish and Catalan. The team studies your property in detail and provides reports and certification on any aspects relevant to you.  

A detailed report including analysis, final conclusion, architectural drawings, and photos of all structures on the premises is provided for each legal search process.

Land law

Coastal law

Community rights

Off plan purchases

The seller's financial situation

Tax efficient purchasing options and advice

Any kind of advice regarding your purchase

Our team performs unbiased, professional and detailed legality checks.

This ensures you that your property of interest is legal, or legal enough for you to feel secure and safe.

If any risks are involved with the purchase regarding laws and building possibilities,

they will communicate this openly to you.

You can make your own decision while being in full control.

"A good decision is based on knowledge"

- Plato

The taxes you will be due to pay depend on whether you are buying a new home straight from the promoter or a previously owned home.

Buying a new home: as a buyer, you will have to pay value added tax of 10% (VAT) directly to the seller together with the purchase price.

As the buyer, you also have to pay stamp duty to your autonomous community (region), which is  1.2% of the selling price which is stated in the deeds.

Buying a previously owned home: in this case you do not pay value added tax but property transfer tax (ITP between 8%-10%),

to the autonomous community in which the real estate is located

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