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Legal Home Survey


Our most requested property inspection.

 This is a report on the vital details of the legal discovery of any and all potential permit or building regulation problems that may be existing.


The Legal Survey is a detailed process during which every aspect of your property is forensically examined and reported on. This is particularly important when you are thinking of purchasing a property in rural or semi-rural land in the Balearics. It is very common to find areas of the building which have not been declared to the local authority or have been built illegally on protected land.


These issues can indicate the house cannot be bought at the price that is advertised at, meaning that the comprehensive survey can be a valuable negotiation tool in the sales process.

There are several steps to this inspection:

  1. Apply at the local town hall for copies of all issued permits related to the property.

  2. Check the veracity of all permits, and identify any potential omissions.

  3. Attend the property to compare the details listed on the permits with the actual structures in existence, calculating exact meterage of constructed area and that the property has been built according to the registered plan.

  4. With these facts we are able to ascertain if there are areas of the property which are illegal, i.e. without a permit or license. We can advise on the likelihood that the property will be able to gain permission for the illegally built areas, and what you might expect if that is not possible.

We advise our clients to carry out a survey prior to signing any paperwork or making any deposits as your decision to buy might be affected by the outcome of the report. A pre-purchase contract should include ‘subject to survey’ to protect your deposit.

Your Legal survey includes:​

  • Insulation & energy efficiency

  • Planes / Permit / Existing

  • Nota simple Licencia de obra mayor (Major work permit)

  • Final de obra (End of work)

  • Cédula de habitabilidad (Certificate of occupancy)

  • Licencia de estancia turística (Tourist stay license)

  • Land registry Cadastral registry

Time Frame The Legal Home Survey building inspection report is emailed to you within seven working days after access to the property (following receipt of payment). ​


The legal survey can take longer depending on the municipality that the property is located. Our team has excellent contacts within the majority of planning departments in the Balearic islands and they strive to work efficiently with the local authorities.


Key points can be discussed by telephone prior to completion of the report if you need to make a quick decision.


Some sales require rapid decision-making, so when necessary, our team is ready to take immediate action and provide an instant survey.

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