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Buying a home?
Worried about hidden costs?

We help our clients to know what they are buying!

What could go wrong?

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 Important to know!

The Balearics are unique, nowhere else will you potentially experience the same complexity of legal issues and poor standards of building, and it’s the buyer’s responsibility to discover the issues before sealing the deal. 

We are here to give you unbiased advice and information to ensure every detail of your purchase is clear & simple. 

It is our mission to support you through the house purchasing process.

We work for you!

Who can benefit from
a home


Buyers / Sellers

Know exactly what you are buying, and secure a cost, and time, efficient purchase to maximise your profits and minimise unexpected costs. Having an unbiased report of the property's legal and technical state gives you a powerful negotiation tool.


Home Owners

Keeping your home in good condition saves money in the long run. If you already own a house in Mallorca, take control and get to know its current condition, detect any safety issues or necessary repairs which you weren’t aware of before.


Property Agents

Distinguish yourself from other agents by knowing what it is that you are selling thereby creating trust with your clients by giving them a report from an independent company and speeding up the sales process.

Negotiating tool

Financial Plan




Time Efficiency

Home inspection
 because surprises are for birthdays!

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